How A Memory Box Can Benefit Seniors In Assisted Living?

When a senior moves to an assisted living, then typically they are downsizing from their existing home and one of the problems with downsizing is the challenge to not clutter the smaller apartment or room at the assisted living facility, but at the same time you want to help your loved one to preserve as much memories as possible, but without taking up a lot of space and a great way to do that is by making use of Memory Boxes, especially for storing important memory items such as precious heirlooms.

Think of a memory box as a keepsake, which will help your loved one to remain connected to the memories of the past while at the same time maintaining a clutter free room or apartment at the assisted living community.  It is also a great idea for you to work on a craft project with your loved one as it help you guys to bond as you make new memories and reminisce about the past.  For more senior living tips visit Fort Lauderdale Assisted Living Site.

Get All The Materials Together

The first thing you will need to get is a small box to get started, then get some art supplies that you may have lying around the house along with any treasured heirlooms, necklaces, pins or pictures. Don’t forget to include your loved one in the project so ask them if there are any specific items that they may want to have placed in the memory box.  A good suggestion that you may want to think about is cutting small pieces of fabrics that they will leave behind from items such as pillows or curtains.  Also see if the assisted living facility will allow your loved one to have markers, pens, tape, scissors and glue, so they can work on a craft project in their spare time.

Memory Box Personalization

Make sure that the memory box showcases your loved one’s personality and creativity since the box will contain their memories.  Here are a few ideas to help you decorate the exterior of the box:

  • Make their photos into a collage
  • Include a small piece of fabric from their favorite piece of clothing
  • Gems and beads from old pieces of jewelry
  • Favorite sayings and quotes
  • Lyrics from some of their favorite songs
  • Old letters

Constructing a memory box is one of the best ways to assist your aging parent that is residing in an assisted living to remain connected with their memories of the past and it also gives you the opportunity to see the world from their eyes.  As you will get the opportunity to see a glimpse of what their past was like growing up and they will have many old stories to tell you.  And with you having this information about their past, this will allow their legacy to live on even when they are gone.

Why Yoga For Seniors Is Getting Popular Among The Elderly?

yoga for seniorsWhat we have learned over the years is that as our bodies age, it goes through a lot of changes and is the reason why most seniors have slowly declining health. They especially notice these changes when they are accompanied by pain like arthritis, which is known to reduce flexibility and have other adverse effects on senior citizen joints. Other effects of aging are reduced energy levels and bone density. These are just a few of the things that can affect the senior’s fitness level and as a result, this will limit the variety of exercise routines that senior citizens can participate.

This is why it is more common to see seniors either swimming or to walk instead of doing jogging or other types of high-impact activities. What is becoming more popular among the elderly today is Yoga. They like Asana which is slow, gentle postures and Hatha Yoga, which if focused on centered movement, which has proven to help seniors to reduce or eliminate pain and to loosen tight joints. For older adults to maintain their emotional and physical health, involvement in some low impact exercise is a must and is the reason why yoga perfectly fits the elderly.

There may be some hesitation among seniors to get started, especially if they haven’t practiced meditation, pranayama, and asana before or if it has been a long time since they last did it. Seniors are sometimes skeptical of their ability to do the required poses. But with the right yoga instructor that specialize in senior yoga, they can offer the right guidance and advice, about breathing and the practical application of the different techniques and as a results seniors will find that senior yoga techniques can improve their way of life.

Other benefits of senior citizen yoga are that it can increase flexibility and strength in the elderly, as well as reduce their stress levels. More and more senior living facilities are introducing Yoga for the elderly to their residents because they know that yoga can help to give them a purpose in life again and provide them with a sense of personal satisfaction. The Asana techniques can be modified to work for anyone that may have physical limitations, such as the Chair Yoga. Chair yoga allows seniors to do poses while seating in a chair and if they are doing balance or standing poses, they can use the seat for additional support.

Dentures Are Not The Only Option For Missing Teeth

dentalOld age is never an easy transition. We go from having the ability of never to get tired, to getting tired from thinking about our youth. One area that seniors have a significant challenge with is maintaining functional, healthy teeth. Gum disease and various oral conditions make everyday actions, like eating, for example, seem like a major uphill battle.

If you’re currently having challenges with dentures, and would like something that resembles the teeth you once enjoyed, then all hope is not lost. Dental implants have changed the game, not only for seniors but for everyone. Implant dentistry can help everyone, but it isn’t for everyone. You need to make sure that your oral biosphere can withstand the surgery required to set up the implant; and if it cannot, then extra steps need to be taken to make sure the operation can take place.

To learn more about how implants can add value to your life, visit to find out more.

3 Refrigeration Repair And Maintenance Tips For Seniors

To provide proper maintenance for your refrigerator, seniors have to know which components need the most continual help. It is often difficult to do a type of repair at all unless you have done this for a living to some degree, or if you have tried to fix one on your own. Once you understand how a refrigerator works, it’s easy to identify the components that will need constant maintenance, and if it is not working, what you will need to repair. Here are three refrigerator repair and maintenance tips that every senior can use starting today that will extend the life of your fridge.

Three Tips You Need

First, if your refrigerator is functioning intermittently, it is more than likely caused by dust that is on your coils. The dust will cause them to overheat, at which point the refrigerator will stop functioning intermittently, and eventually stop working at all. Whether these are located on the back, or beneath the fridge, they are very easy to clean. The second tip is to check the seals on the doors, making sure that they shut properly, as this could lead to an excessive amount of cold air lost, which can overheat the motor. The final tip is to make sure that the thermostat is at the proper temperature which is usually about 38 degrees Fahrenheit. When the thermostat is damaged, where it can no longer tell what temperature your refrigerator is at, this will need to be repaired or replaced to keep everything inside at the proper temperature.

By doing a consistent cleaning on the coils of your refrigerator, and making sure that the thermostat is working correctly, you should be able to keep your refrigerator going for many years without having a need to replace it at all. It’s also a good idea to keep your refrigerator full so that the motor does not have to work so hard. As long as you are consistent with your maintenance, and you do your repairs quickly, you should have no problem keeping your refrigerator running for a decade or more.