Home Appliance Safety Tips – Keeping Seniors Safe With Appliance Repair Service

Whenever there is a senior citizen around the house, it is always wise to take extra precaution while repairing any gadget. Whether it is the toaster, dishwasher, or even the radio; whoever repairs the devices, need to make sure that they do it right. There shouldn’t be open wires flaying around here and there ready to cause an accident anytime. So, here are a few appliance repair safety tips that can help to keep seniors safe:

Electrical safety precautions

Before handling any gadget, don’t forget to turn the power off. If homeowners are trying to fix the appliance, they should unplug the device completely from the mains before doing anything. They should only connect the gadget to the power supply only if there is a need to test the voltage. Moreover, they should also make sure that no conductive parts lie around in the house while performing the voltage test. Additionally, the senior citizen shouldn’t hold any metal parts during this time. It is better for him/her to stay inside a room instead of roaming around the house.

Basic safety tips

Always wear safety boots, loose clothing, safety glasses, and gloves while repairing an appliance. Also, don’t forget to keep the working area well lit. Try not to use an extension cord while testing the appliance. Always connect it to the primary plug. No matter what kind of electrical wire the homeowner requires, once he/she finishes the job, keep everything away. Senior citizens with vision impairment may stumble on to these wires and get electrocuted.


If all else fails, it is best to contact a professional onsite appliance repair Alexandria expert to make sure that the elders are safe in the house. These guys have experience in this field. They will know better what safety precautions to take and how to fix a gadget quickly.