Appliance Maintenance: Approach Appliance Repair Systematically

Appliances are a great help in dealing with the chores of maintaining and living in a home and can include large important items like a refrigerator, cooking range, and television. Smaller items like a vacuum cleaner, microwave, blenders, food processors, toasters, and others can help to reduce the time required to complete chores. 
All appliances that see a lot of use will, in the long run, start showing signs of distress over time and will require repair.
How do you deal with these appliance repair problems?
Start with ensuring that any appliance you buy is bought from a reliable supplier and preferably manufactured by reputed makers who have established themselves for quality and reliability. Make sure that the dealer you buy from also has a servicing center that can undertake any required maintenance and repairs. These centers will in most cases also ensure that any parts they use for repairs are OEM and thus likely to give you the same service as the original.
Once your appliance breaks down and needs repair, first check whether you have any warranty that is still valid. If you are not able to go to your original dealer, find a good service technician in your area, who has experience with the appliance and the model you have. If you think you can do some small repairs yourself, make sure that you switch off the appliance before you open its innards. Check your original instruction booklet, which will often give you the reasons for the most common breakdowns, the reasons, and the remedies. Most appliance makers also have proper documentation for maintenance and repair on the internet and you must take the time to look at it.  
If you need to buy any parts for replacement make sure that you note down the model number and year of manufacture before you go looking for the part. Insist on originals.