Here are 3 Senior Travel Tips To Make It Simpler For Senior Citizens 

When seniors retire, many of them look forward to start traveling the world to gain a brand new and fresh outlook on their life. As they now have all the time in the world to jump on a luxury cruise or to hop on a plane to start exploring the world. It is not uncommon to find senior travel tours by using the following: 

  • Local newspaper 
  • Travel publications 
  • The internet 
  • A travel agent 

Travel agents that specialize in senior travel packages will customize packages to include the following: 

  • Tours 
  • Lodging 
  • Meals 
  • Entertainment 
  • Transportation 

Here are 3 Senior Travel Tips to make it simpler for senior citizens 

  1. Plan Early – Even though most seniors want to travel, the problem comes in with them deciding on where they want to go. Seniors shouldn’t simply rely on a high pressure travel agent to decide for them as the agent in most cases is just trying to make the biggest commission; instead senior citizens should take some time beforehand to research a few different destinations that sound interesting to them. 
  1. Senior Tours Are Typically A Better Deal – A senior tour can take all the planning and guess work out of senior travel. As seniors can simply pick a travel package, pay the fees, after that all is left is for them is to pack their bags and enjoy the trip. These tours typically come with a chaperon or guide that will take care of all the elderly persons travel needs. While this is a great service it is not for everyone, as you will have to follow a set schedule so you will have a guide telling you when it’s time to get back on the bus to leave for the next attraction on time. 
  2. Make Sure You Get Travelers Insurance – No elderly person should go on vacations without buying Senior Travel Insurance. There are several providers of travel insurance so shop around. 


If you have an elderly parent that is residing at an assisted living home, you should try and include them on your next family vacation, depending on their condition of course, but if they are healthy enough to travel it would be a great experience for them and you can even make arrangements with the assisted living center to have a certified nurse assistant to travel with your loved one to take care of all their personal needs.